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LeaseToMe wanted to build an online presence of its commercial real estate leasing process for its users.


To make it possible, LeaseToMe partnered with Psmorfia to help build the customized application that could provide the ultimate user experience.


By collaborating with Psmorfia, LeaseToMe was able to enhance and transform the traditionally opaque market of real estate through technology.

The online marketplace for commercial real estate leasing has revolutionized the conventional real estate business. Technology has therefore been an exciting shift in the real estate industry. 

LeaseToMe is a tenant-centric commercial real estate leasing platform. Unlike other real estate businesses, LeaseToMe takes it a step further by providing commercial tenants with a platform to explore, evaluate, and broadcast their specific needs for commercial space to a network of real estate professionals. The company simply wanted to smoothen the process by means of technology.

Justin Baker, the CEO of LeaseToMe, reached out to Psmorfia with the idea. They were clear with the problem statement and needed a solution, hence wanted Psmorfia to go with its execution. After a couple of meetings, we not only provided them the plan of action but helped them achieve it as well by building an MVP for its application.

Tech-Stack used:

  • Django
    • GraphQL
    • Graphene
    • Graphene-Auth
    • Django-Filters
  • Vue
    • Apollo
    • Nuxt
    • Nuxt/Content

Moving forward:

To the current date, LeaseToMe has raised $100K / Pre Seed from Emergent Ventures. The company is growing. They aim to facilitate connections and improve information flow while reducing transaction costs. The lease proposal process of the lease allows deals to move forward quickly and efficiently.

Psmorfia is keen to contribute to work with LeaseToMe to help them grow and evolve within the real estate industry and beyond.


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